Price List & Payment Plan

The Residential Units will be sold on the following price and terms
B.S.P. Basic Sales Price Rs. Per Sq. ft. 3,400
Basic Sales Price (Park Facing) Rs. Per Sq. ft. 3,700
E.D.C. External Development Charges Rs. Per Sq. ft. 30
I.F.M.S. Interest Free Maintenance Security Rs. Per Sq. ft. 30
Car Parking Covered Car Parking Rs. Per Slot 150,000
Open Car Parking Rs. 100,000
Club Membership Life Time Club Membership Rs. 100,000
Preferential Location Charges Ground Floor Rs. Per Sq. ft. 50
First Floor Rs. Per Sq. ft. 50
Corner Rs. Per Sq. ft. 50
Additional DG Back-up (Optional) Power back up : 2BHK-600 VA   At No Extra Cost
Power back-up : 3 BHK-1000 VA   At No Extra Cost
100% Power back up Rs. Per sq. ft. 50
Electric Meter, Light Fixutres & Bulk Supply Charges Rs. Per Sq. ft. 50
Time linked Plan
Installment Number   B.S.P. E.D.C. P.L.C. PARKING I.F.M.S. EM, LF & BS Charges
1 At the time of Booking 10%        
2 Within 60 days from Booking 20%        
3 Within120 days from Booking 30%        
4 Within180 days from Booking 35%   100% 100%   100%
5 Within 210 Days from booking, at the time of offer of possession 5% 100%     100%
  Total 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
  • *If opted for, payments for power back-up will fall due on possession
  • The External Development Charges (EDC) shall be payable by the Applicant(s) on the basis of actual payment made by the Company to Meerut Development Authority
  • 100% power back-up is subject to availability of load
  • All drafts and cheques to be made in favour of "MEERUT ONE SALES ACCOUNT - ACDPL" payable at Gurgaon
  • One car parking is mandatory
  • Covered car parking is subject to availability

  • Prices mentioned herein above are subject to change and M/S Alpha Corp Development Private Limited (Company) reserves the right to revise the price without prior notice.
  • The Total Sale Price is exclusive of service tax, VAT, stamp duty, registration, documentation charges, and maintenance charges which shall be additionally payable by the Applicant(s). Any other deposits/charges/fees made by the Company with any statutory/ government authorities that is transferable to the Association of Owners of Residential Units shall also be recovered by the Company from the Applicant(s).
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